Writer’s Notebook Invitation

This the bag with the invitation attached to it.

The bag that has has the supplies in it for the students. The nameplate says: "The Write Stuff Bag" and has a place for the students name on it.

The front of invitation.


The inside of the invitation

The back of the invitation

This is the plan!

Every student will have a gift bag with their name on it called the “Write Stuff” Inside the bag will be their composition notebooks, crayons, pencils and supplies needed to be a good writer. After everyone grabs their bags, will start talking about what this is all about. I will ask questions like: “What makes a good writer?, What are some things you want to write about? Then We will all take our goodies out of the bag and decorate our notebooks. While the students are looking at their invitations, I will have the PowerPoint up so we can talk and look at the invitations together. Here are the pictures for the invitations and powerpoint.

Writer’s Invitation presentation

This is a writing resource that all students will have on the inside of their notebooks.


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  1. 1

    Jenny, I love the idea of the gift bag. I think they will be very excited to get started. I love the writing resource you’re including too!

  2. 2

    Tosha Morrison said,

    I really really loved this idea. Each child will be excited because it is like a present. I really liked the letters you used and gave them. At the preschool age most children can copy things so that part would be very helpful for me. I would also put all their materials in it and they would have their own stuff which they really like at the preschool age.

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