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Here is what it says:

The Secret to Happiness…How Do I Begin My Journey?

Unplan your life to giggle. De-Clutter.

Go with the flow.

Don’t shrug off compliments.

Let it be easy to breathe deeply.

Be gentle.

Keep the air clean. Stay healthy.

Educate your senses.

Taking a time out.

Squeeze the most out of every moment

Concrete Poem



A Handy Poem (3 poems in one)

(Around the hand it says)

A is a way to reach out.

It even helps take the garbage out.

It says its you and reaches out to me.

We share and care.

We even wave them in the air.

We clap, paint, and can lay them in our lap.

Do you know as we grow, our hands come with us every where we do.

(In the palm of the hand)

Lines are everywhere telling us of our past.

Life lines of telling us who we are.

(In the fingers and the thumb)

We use them to clasp.

Fingers are apart of our life.

Short fingers long,

You can wiggle them too.

Thumbs are not dumb.

We need them

 Acrostic Poem



 “I” Poem

Lighthouses I poem



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