About Me



How I become a teacher:

For a long as I can remember the only thing I wanted to do was be a teacher. When I was growing up I would spend hours upon hours of playing school. I would enroll my friends in my class and of course I was the teacher. I collected old school books and worksheets. I even had my very own chalkboard too! My mom always told me when I was in first grade, I wanted to teach Kindergarten. When I was second grade I wanted to teach first grade and naturally when I was in third grade I wanted to teach second grade. I never wanted to teach above second grade. I believe I was meant to teach K-2.

When I was in school, I always did something that somehow  related to becoming a teacher. When I was in middle school I was a babysitter for just about my entire neighborhood. They called me Mary Poppins because I would bring a bag full of things to create and do while I was babysitting at someone’s house. As a kid, I never liked it when my babysitters sat and watched television, so I believed the kids  I babysat felt the same way. We would make crafts and play outside together. I would read stories to them.

Then when I was in high school I worked with the area elementary schools in my home town. We were having problems with people feeding ducks at a local park. The pond there was becoming polluted because the ducks never left for the winter. I don’t blame the ducks since people were feeding them bread;  however from an ecological point of view this is bad for the pond and even worse for the ducks. I created a program to help educate school-aged children to become more aware of the importance of observing the ducks rather than feeding them. When word got around, my Ecology Club group was able to take this program to most of the schools.

College was easy then! I never had to worry about the major I was going to choose. It was pretty clear to me that I was going to be an elementary school teacher. No doubt in my mind what so ever. I went to a small liberal arts college in Elkins, West Virginia called Davis and Elkins College. It was in the mountains (kind of like a mini ASU!). The campus was beautiful. The crisp mountain air is something I miss about that place. Being an edcaction major was definetly in the stars for me. So naturally, I loved going to the elementary schools in the area and helping in the classrooms. One of my mentors became my supervising teacher when I did my student teaching. She was a wonderful teacher and I contribute some of my values of teaching to her. I remember graduating college ready for my own classroom. I just needed a job. That is how I got to Hickory NC.  I went to the job fairs. At one of the fairs I meant the principal I still work for. He asked, ” Do you want first or third?” Of course my choice was easy, I chose first grade. A few weeks later, I found myself moving into my first apartment and classroom.

I taught first grade for seven years. I loved teaching the students how to read. Most of all the progress they make as first graders is amazing. They would come to first grade as beginning readers and leave my classroom as readers! Some of the bonds I made with students still exist today. They come back from middle school and ask to see pictures of when they were in first grade. Then one day I was asked to teach Kindergarten. It was a hard transition. However, three years later I am teaching Kindergarten. I am starting to find my niche as a Kindergarten teacher, but still have alot of more avenues to explore as an educator. One of those is currently happening. I am working on my Master’s. As I am doing that I am finding out that I love to RESEARCH and learn about the issues that are happening in education. After I am done with this program I will continue to work on my doctorate in Educational Leadership. I really want to focus on teacher leadership with a focus in instruction. I believe as edcators we should start leading the way and I want to help teachers find a voice to do so. Empowering teachers to be leaders is important for the future of education.

What I Really Like:

My cats are among my favorite things. They are extremely important to me. I love taking care of them and most of hugging them!


Here are my two cats. I love my cats. They are like kids in fur suits. Riley is the one with the white paws. He likes to relocate things to under my bed and most of EAT! Orion is the other one. I believe he thinks he is a dog. He will put all his cat toys in my bed at night hoping I awake from my sleep to play with him.

I enjoy listening to The Beatles. I have collected Beatles records since I was in high school. Paul McCartney is my favorite Beatle.



Hey Jude is my favorite song of the Beatles.

 Sunflowers are such tall majestic flowers. They are always growing and striving for the light of the sun. This is why I love sunflowers Although I did not have a picture of sunflowers that I took, I found this one.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do. ~ Helen Keller

I like short, steep climbs up mountains with friends and family. Rough Ridge is one of those places I have taken several people.

This is the view from the top of Rough Ridge!

I just recently became interested in lighthouses. When I visit a light house I learn so much. Did you know that the way the lighthouse is painted helps the boats know where they are at? I think the idea that ships look for light houses to lead in says alot about why they are so important.

This lighthouse is off the coast of Wilmington, Nc. I went a couple of summers ago with my parents.

 In my spare time I love to doodle! I collect all kinds of pens and markers that help me with this! I find it relaxing and something quiet I can do.

This is one of my favorite doodles!

Things that really get to me…

Before I moved to N.C. I was unaware of the fact that people actually ate bowls of just beans. For some reason I can not stand the sight or texture of beans. I like green beans but not legumes. They make me gringe.

Watching horror movies always frightens me. They make me want to crawl up in my blankets and hide my eyes. I believe they represent a dark side of minds therefore I stay clear of them completely.

Although I love Facebook, email and now this blog, I really miss writing letters to people on stationary. I miss the art of letter writing. I do not write snail mail letters too much anymore, because then I get annoyed when people do not write back. So I stick with what I like and that is keeping in touch with my friends through Facebook

 How I act..

My favorite Dr. Seuss book is called My Many Colored Days. It uses color to tell how you might feel on certain days. I chose some of my favorite colors to talk about and how they relate to me!

“You will be surprised how many ways, I change on DIFFERENT colored days.”

“On other days I am other things. On bright bright blue days I flap my wings.” I love these kind of days! I am happy and everything seems to go my way! I feel estatic that the sun might be out or the birds on porch are eating from my bird feeder. I am accomplishing everything I want to until like Dr. Seuss writes,” Gray Day… I watch. But nothing moves my way. Everything is gray.” Although these days are not my favorite days, the day is slow and so am I. I just want to pull my covers over my head and let the day pass by. But those days are far and few, and then comes these kind of days. Then there are the pink day! Lots of fun to had. I am am smiling and laughing. Things are just fine on most days like this! I like to chill too! I love having time to myself and work on different project. I like how Dr. Seuss describes these days,” Green days. Deep deep in the sea. Cool and quiet fish. That’s me!” 


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