Response to Class Readings For February 24, 2010: Poetry

I was reading about the “I” poems. One of the things that stood out to me in the article written by Linda Kucan was that allowing for students to write from a first person perspective, enables to to deepen their own voices when relating to literary experiences. While reading the book Sierra by Diane Siebert, I thought about how this ideas could be applied. Taking basic facts and putting a different perspective on how they are written, not only is more interesting but creates a new way of looking at things. I thought about that when I read the page about the sequoias. I can see where a deeper form of thinking takes place.

Through out the article the theme of deepening what has been read about and then writing about it is important because it allows for higher order thinking skills to take place. When I read the book by Eve Bunting,  I Am the Mummy Heb Nefert, I was able to get another picture in my mind. This picture was alot more different that is I had just read facts. I felt like I was in the story.

Of course this got me thinking about how I would apply this to my Kindergarteners. I liked the format that was given in the article. I think I would follow it and use it as a way to guide me while writing the poems. I was thinking maybe writing about the seasons, or the weather would be a good way to start a “I” poem unit with my Kindergartenters. It is something they are familiar with. I agree with Kucan when she says, ” I poems can be compelling invitations for student to try out the poet’s way of knowing”. It reminds us that facts can be inspiring if they are used in a different light in the classroom.


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