Reading Response for February 17, 2010

There were several important concepts that I learned while doing the readings this week. In Elliott I was reminded that students need to be immersed in poetry so that they develop an ear and start to listen like writers. I believe this should start immediately! I was reading the African Acrostic poems and I thought what a wonderful way to incorporate poetry to daily lessons while incorporating new vocabulary words. Kindergarteners could learn to find different words in order to develop these new skills.  Also the concrete poems are excellent ways for students to comprehend what a poem is about. I found the poems in Technically It’s Not My Fault very amusing. I think because I was able to form a picture in mind of what was being talked about.

Also I learned an important instructional method. In the article by Frye, Trathen, and Sclagal, the point was made to make sure you demonstrate and show students exactly how you want them to create their poems. I believe this concept is especially important for Kindergartners. It will be essential to create as many shared writing experiences as possible so they understand and hear the language being formulated. Also remembering to ask the 5 w questions will guide students thinking.


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