Part 2 of Post 3: For February 10, 2010

I had some other thoughts to add about the poetry books, so I thought I would create another post!

Brown Angels: This poetry book goes in the “great poems” catergory that Certo is talking about. I think earlier I wrote about Langston Huges because these two poets are similiar in the fact that they create pictures in your mind about what they are talking about.

all the small peoms and fourteen more: I believe this book is an excellent poetry book to start Kindergarteners out with peotry. The peoms are concrete enough so they can understand what is going on.

This Is Just to Say: It is important for students to understand how to communicate in more than one way. This book provides excellent examples for Kindergarteners to think of different ways to say what is important to them .

Love that Dog: Personally I loved this book. It was a good example of free verse. I was also reminded that poetry does not have to rhyme.


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